Actually the latest ST Map. Sheep Tag ReVoLuTiON 7.1.0

The purpose of this list is to name as many Sheep Tag clans (Warcraft III only) as you possibly can.

Every clan added must be sorted into a realm category: USEast, USWest, Europe, Asia, or Other/Multiple.

If you remember the chief / leader of the clan, put it after the Clan's name.

Example, clan name is ABCD and chieftan's name is Chieftain:

ABCD by Chieftains

Followed by the best ranking Chieftains and Sheep Taggers in history.


AoST by XXXandBEER456

StLB by Phentalin / Onyxia[StLB] / Zea[r]Z- / Tochen12[StLB] / TheRed[StLB]

Behh by Chaiserae[behh]/Rival[behh]/Nightmare[behh]

Love by SexyGirl)ReBeL

beh2 by Bibber[behh]

WOLF by Waff

Grr by TraxxWOLF

Boom by NoMapgrid

Baam by BaaM_iNyOuRfAcE

RoCz by Jean-Mii.

Whis by Exalius

eSc by Srborja- / NoMapgrid

Fe3L by Srborja-

BsTm by Bli[t]Z-

eStC by eStc.f4lc0

oSa by Shoop

ISC by CandyManKiller

SToR by Jean-Mii.

CsB by CandyManKiller

Vox by HaWkys

eSu by Shoop

PST by PST-Gunnthor

FeeL by Aroc

Shep by NoMapgrid

oVeR by TaY_VaNo

TeLL by Aroc

BbsT by BbsT)GuY

TSBP by Karkazz

DsTi by Jatsu_ / AkibaSHEEP

EvEr by SKiLL_OwnZ-

Weak by Jonte.

LSbP by 13attlewurm

SaWe by Losing-Loser

GoSt by Bli[t]Z-

StS by ...

StBB by Pr0)ReBel

StL by ...

SkS by ...

SMW by Bli[t]Z-

oSaS by Chief.Of.oSaS / SHEePYTaGGeRNeP

FSA by CandyManKiller

RtR by Geeze[RtR]


MoSt by Sh33p_138

WsTo by Prodigy-

FoN by FckOffNoobs

DtW by above92

StH by Drewisfat

LeSs by Drop-bars

Clan Vox by Hawkys

oSoc by My-World

Nou by above92

HATE by above92

rStH by XXXandBEER456/above92

SSSG by Long_Leg./RoguexRanger

SttB by XXXandBEER456/westobot

BoSt by BattleWaRRioR/XXXandBEER456

USA by SuperSheepFive

Wsyw by AName

Wsin by AName

Wsut by AName

FSoD by AName

STN by AName

A2ST by MaSu)

Fish by Mr.Fishy

StA by AcE./Zo0LanDeR

AoS by Clock

WiSp by Celestial_One

WtW by Lovee

SoSh by Bansaw

TSAL by ???

LSS by Cowardlyshoe


AsTc (A Sheep Tag Clan) by GosuSheep

LSS (Last Sheep Standing) by Lss-Hellsing

KYAD (Kill You At Dawn) by Noob_shep LC (Lamb Chop)

AoS by Clock


-more US West Clans (forgotten)-

Asia: N/A